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We get it, starting out with CBD is confusing.  Knowing which products to choose and what dosage to take can be overwhelming. That's why we have created the ultimate CBD care packages including products from the best CBD companies in the business.

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The Acacia

Our Premier HerbBox, the Acacia is a mystical plant know for it's healing properties. The Acacia HerbBox is your monthly supply of CBD including Capsules, Isolate, Tincture and a Lip Balm.

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The Sage

Sage represents wisdom and contemplation. With the Sage HerbBox you will receive a collection of hand selected CBD products to add to your grooming regimen.

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The Marigold

Enjoy a quick stroll in the Marigold Gardens. Our Marigold HerbBox is our introductory box and provides small items for you to try.

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What's in the Box?

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