Mushroom Blend Tincture


Recent research has shown massive implications on mushroom’s ability to improve the wiring of our brain. Our mushroom blend includes a dozen different mushrooms that have been shown to charge your brain.

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Our Mushroom Blend Tincture contains a mixture of one dozen mushrooms that have been shown to help improve your brain function. A few of the key ingredients include:

  • LION’S MANE MUSHROOM. This powerful mushroom has been shown to help prevent dementia and is commonly used as a nootropic to increase energy and focus.
  • CORDYCEPS. The cordyceps militaris mushroom that we use in our mushroom blend tincture may help to increase your brains absorption of oxygen, in turn improving it’s ability to function at peak levels.
  • REISHI. Having been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, Reishi is considered an adaptogen that can have a calming, mood boosting effect which will increase concentration.


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