Pure Spectrum

Rechargeable Vape Battery

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With 3 different temperature settings, this is the perfect pen for people vaping any type of oil or vape blend. Low and medium temperature settings ensure full flavor profiles and prevent degradation of delicate terpene profiles. There is also a high temperature setting for thicker vape blends and oils. This pen is also equipped with a variable air intake valve, so the user can have total control of their vaping experience.

This pen does it all!


  • Simply screw on your favorite vape cartridge and press the power button 5 times to turn on and off, a feature that prevents accidental powering on and unnecessary draining of the battery.


  • To preheat your pen, simply push the power button two times. The pen will take you through a series of colors, after it reaches the purple/pink color it will flash 5 times and it’s done preheating.


  • To select between the 3 different voltage settings, click the button 3 times;
  1. Low Setting - Green Light
  2. Medium Setting - Blue Light
  3. High Setting - Red Light


Why we Love this product:

  • 3 Temperature setting
  • Preheat option
  • Sturdy Build
  • 5/10 Universal Thread Size