The Eucalyptus - Anxiety Relief


Stress is an inevitable fact of life, fortunately there are many herbal remedies to help your body deal with stress and anxiety. HerbBox has made the ultimate collection of herbal supplements that can provide relief from anxiety and help manage stress.


Included In The Eucalyptus


Used in Polynesian culture as a ceremonial drink, Kava Kava has powerful relaxing benefits. One of it’s active ingredients, kavain, has been shown to suppress anxiety.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, a class of herbal pharmaceuticals that help manage stresses in the body. Specifically, ashwagandha can help balance your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can add to anxiety when left unchecked.


St. John’s Wort has been used for many centuries to help with mental illnesses. Now that it is more understood, we see it plays a role in balancing the adrenaline chemicals and serotonin.

The Root of Anxiety

In a World where we are constantly working to secure our future, we often overlook the present. The pressure of work-life balance can be daunting, so it is no surprise that 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. 

Is there a miracle pill to cure this anxiety? No. Unfortunately as hard as we try, anxiety and stress seem to be tied to our modern lifestyles. There are however plenty of natural ways to help manage stress and anxiety and that is precisely why HerbBox has created the Eucalyptus, a collection of herbal supplements to help deal with the day to day.

A Peace of Earth

We often seek peace from a morning walk or sitting on the dock of a lake watching the rippled reflections of Mother Nature. Think of the serene sense of calm that you have experienced in these moments.

Nature has already provided the tools we need and we have cultivated the power of herbs and plants for centuries to cure our ailments. There are several ways in which we can use the tools of nature to bring calm and balance into our lives.

The Eucalyptus Experience

The Eucalyptus by HerbBox contains 3 plant based supplements that individually have been shown to improve your mood, relax your nervous system, and manage stress.

When taken together in your daily supplement routine, these 3 ingredients can drastically help you overcome anxiety.


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