The Sandalwood Focus Box

With all the multi-tasking of today’s World we often find ourselves pulled in many directions.  Get the energy, focus and memory you need to conquer the day with The Sandalwood by HerbBox.

The Sandalwood includes 3 plant based supplements to help you achieve clarity.


A Full Workload

The average American work week is 45 hours, not to mention the work we bring home with us. Add on top of that the demands of personal and family life and it is easy to become overwhelmed.

We often push our mind’s to the limit with multi-tasking and planning for the future. Taking care of your brain can make all the difference in staying focused and energized throughout the day.

Running in the sunset

Finding Clarity

Over the ages we have found several ways to increase our energy using Nature, and we now have found ways to fine tune our focus and memory using plant based remedies.

The Sandalwood combines herbal ingredients that can help you maintain focus and energy.

The Sandalwood Experience

The Sandalwood by HerbBox contains 3 plant based supplements that individually have been shown to increase your focus, boost your energy, and improve your memory.

When taken together in your daily supplement routine, these 3 ingredients can help feed your brain throughout the day.


The Sandalwood Focus Box

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